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Expectable procedures carried out during Lasik eye surgery process

When you are going to have eye surgery you want to book a follow up appointment with an eye surgeon less than 24 hours from your Lasik surgery.eyes but it was not bad. You still had to face some challenges when you look at bright lights and when first got up early morning and still you notice darkness if you get on your laptop or when look at your

cell phone display you notice that the screen brightness will be slightly reduced. This is not considered as a serious problem and when you experience eye surgery and when the day you woke up the next morning gives a pleasant surprise to you and you notice a good change in your vision and definitely vision will be increased.After undergoing

went to the follow up and your eye power still improved. However eye surgeons might need to amend your reading vision eye a little as you are having any issues looking at anything very near to objects. These issues will be determined few months since your vision is still improving along with the corneal healing.

The 12 day after the Lasik surgery your eye vision are still improving with the low light and early morning time vision also augmented. You have not noticed copious dry eyes but eye surgeons still suggest.Overall, after eye surgery you feel very happy with Lasik surgeon’s treatment and way of approach.