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You didn't feel any uneasiness and only slight pressure on your eyes during the flap formation. So if you’re troubled with putting eye glasses and contacts for many years you disliked the situation and many people stating that they got exhausted of it. At this stressful situation your mind may get change to have Lasik surgery and first of all you need to make a discussion where eye surgeons took lots of scans and measurements of your eye and thoroughly check the corneal layer and we give approval whether you are a good candidate or not. Then they verify your information and start to precede the surgery. The first appliance is the one you feel little irritated since it puts a lot of pressure on your eyes and the process last for 10 to 15 seconds for each of the eyes and then it's finished. Your vision goes hoary to almost gloomy during this portion. You were seen one more time to take a checkup at the fitness of eyes and we were great in offering service. Then you were brought back into a normal room and given a bunch of eye drops, which feel gross by the method.

Fine and handpicked options in eye surgeries gives best support

When you were finally escorted back to the Lasik surgery room, you want to be in a relaxed condition. In fact during a surgery relaxation is too important. Your eyes were checked one or more times by the Lasik surgeon. In the surgery room there was a well fit area to place your head, and eye surgeon were taught to tilt my chin up and look upwards into the tiny green light. This is tougher than it sounds. The light was very bright, and you were relaxed at this state. Lasik eye surgeon will ask you whether it is okay or not and to stop moving and to tilt your chin back up to stop developing your eyes back. During surgery you are not allowed to move here and there and your eyes must be in a stable state.Then you were taken into a test room to make unquestionable your eye flap looks safe and then more eye drops are recommended and you want to put sunglasses and then you can arrive to your home. Eyes must be closed the whole day till you reaches home and take your drops frequently. Lasik is the finest eye surgery among all and that corrects mild or severe nearsightedness with the help of a laser to redesign the eye's cornea. The corneal layer is then altered with the benefit of fine Laser beams. Our supportive staffs are awesome and everyone we treat in a same way with much care also our multiple assistants are very professional in their work.